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مؤسسة النبأ العظيم is a Quranic and Waqf Foundation dedicated to the projects of the Holy Quran according to a Quranic approach, interactive and scientific, and the projects and programs of the Foundation start from Makkah al-Mukarramah, the Promenade of Revelation and the cradle of the Prophet Muhammad’s message to the best of prayer and peace. Through the delivery of the idea of the project and its programs to the Quranic centers and institutes in the Kingdom and the world.


Expertise in the field of Quranic guidance for the establishment of qualitative initiatives in scientific methodology

Our means

As far as the ends, and the sincerity of the intentions, the means are supervised.


  1. Establishment of the boards.
  2. Introductory and qualifying courses for imams, preachers, teachers and scholarship students.
  3. Outstanding Quranic initiatives.
  4. Partnerships with stakeholders.

Our Role

Our role in this center is to seek to establish the relationship between man and the Qur’an: a relationship of maximization, comprehensive faith, management, study, and praising, and our baptism in that prophetic approach, in a modern manner, through a system of initiatives and partnerships.

Our Work

  • Scientific Publications
  • Rehabilitation & Education
  • Research and Studies
  • Media and technical production
  • Activities & Events

Our Objectives

  1. Making three qualitative initiatives in the Qur’anic tradition.
  2. Building practical models of Quranic instruction.
  3. Facilitate Qur’anic introductions to multiple community segments.
  4. Invest scientific research in universities and scientific centers to serve the mission of the institution.
  5. Producing and adopting outstanding Qur’anic research and scientific works.
  6. Rehabilitation of elites and leaders in the field of the Qur’anic guidance.
  7. Adoption of Koranic institutions for the Foundation’s projects.
  8. Localize management skills of employees through qualification and training programs.
  9. Enable business environments of excellence and creativity.
  10. Financial sustainability through endowments and safe investments.

Our Message

The joy of human beings through the Holy Quran, through the revival of his greatness and the empowerment of his tools, facilitated initiatives according to scientific methodology

A Place For You

Our Islamic Center takes pride in its heritage of diversity, open-mindedness, civic engagement and community building. Get to know what makes us tick — our approach to Islam and our definition of the Amershahan Muslim identity, all of which shape the character of our community.

Our Board

Amir Seif


Haris Nader

Board Member

Abdul Mustafa

Board Member

Community with over 62 different
nationalities represented.


Over 1,200 men and women attend the
weekly Jumma prayer service.


60 percent of our community
is under the age of 34.